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Roehampton Home Repairs did both the exterior and interior painting of my house. They charged me a fair price, in fact much lower than the quotes I had received from other handyman companies. Will tell all my friends about them!

  • Kaitlin R.

For my big home renovation this summer I hired Roehampton Home Repairs and their experienced handymen. I knew that they were exactly what I was looking for, because I had previous experience with them. Thy helped me with the refurbishment and they saved me a lot of time and efforts, not to mention tackling some difficult repairs that I had no idea how to go about. This company is the best around!

  • Terry R.

The experts at Home Refurbishment Roehampton were the ideal choice for my decorating needs. I hired them to fix up my office, and even though I was on a tough schedule the fantastic teams worked hard enough to make sure it was all completed ahead of time. I'm thrilled with the result and the quote I'd been given turned out to be very accurate. Give this service a try!

  • Jimmy W.

The handyman services of Roehampton Local Handyman are the best I have ever hired. That much I can tell from the way they handled certain tasks at my home, which other people struggled with. Their experts proved to be well skilled and didn't have any trouble helping me out.

  • W. Walker

My friend recommended Home Refurbishment Roehampton to me years ago when I needed an emergency electrician. Over the years their handymen have helped me out so much and seem capable of doing just about anything you ask them to.

  • Daniel S.